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Pneumatiky letné SUV SUMMER



Kormoran SUV SUMMER je letná pneumatika nižšej triedy určená pre vozidlá SUV a 4X4.

Kormoran SUV Summer is a summer SUV tyre which is designed specifically for 4x4-type vehicles. As an economy-priced tyre it delivers a performance-optimized quality for the price. Confident in both wet and dry conditions, it maintains its performance even in very high summer temperatures. Kormoran SUV Summer’s tread design allows for pressure to be dispersed evenly, whilst in contact with the road. This prolongs the life of the tyre. Due to the evenness of the contact, the tyre maintains sufficient handling and responsiveness even at high temperatures. Kormoran SUV Summer provides extra traction and stability as road contact in enhanced. The tyre composite is a durable rubber and this helps to reduce mechanical failure. Moreover, accidental damage from “kerbing” and scratches are minimized. Kormoran SUV Summer also has a light-weight design which promotes rolling-resistance reduction. Furthermore, this enhances fuel economy and saves the driver money over the life of the tyre.

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